Tar & Chip Treatment

Tar and Chip is a surface treatment that is placed on existing surfaces. It is a more affordable way to obtain a durable and natural-looking hard surface, and can be installed on existing gravel, such as driveways and parking lots.

Tar and Chip is popular among residential clients due to its curb appeal. It is achieved through spreading liquid asphalt over existing gravel, and adding a layer of stone chips to the asphalt. The stone chips, after being compressed into the liquid asphalt, make for a neat and attractive-looking surface. Tar and chip also has the potential to be custom-colored to match the aesthetics of its surrounding elements.

Advantages of Tar and Chip

  • rough surface provides great traction
  • natural, attractive look
  • more affordable than asphalt
  • durable
  • less maintenance- fewer repairs & requires no sealing

Contact Dave Stanley Paving for more information about our Tar and Chip services in Richmond and Central Virginia areas.

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